Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still waiting

My appointment with the oncologist was rescheduled to next week because we are waiting for one test to come back.  They said it would be easier if all the tests were back so he can come up with a plan for treatment.  My incision seems to be getting a little better.  I went to the surgeon and she told me to pack it with gauze soaked in saline water and then cover it.  I put the ointment on it too.  It is taking a long time, but she said in two weeks it should be almost healed up.  I really hope so!  
I got a free head covering today from Gaila.  It is very pretty.  I just have to figure out how to put it on so it doesn't look dumb.  
  It has long ties in the back that come around and tie in the front.  I might wear it so it ties in the back, just my preference.  I don't want a huge bow on my forehead!  It is a great organization however and so nice to send me a free hat!

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  1. I hope this are going fairly well for you.