Friday, March 4, 2011

Incision getting worse

I can't even justify calling this thing an incision anymore.  Gaping wound is more like it.  I was cleaning it out this morning and trying to move away some of the dead tissue as instructed by my Dr.  The only tool I had besides my finger was a Q-tip so I used that.  I managed to work a hole through it and was rewarding with a geyser of gushing yellow fluid.  That kind of freaked me out but really didn't surprise me because I had a feeling that this sucker was tunneling.  It is really deep and keeps draining fluid.  Probably all the fluid backed up from having the tubes out and not having drainage.  I had been calling the surgeons office since Wed and today insisted on talking to someone.  Of course the Dr was in surgery today and I won't be seen until Monday!  I will probably need a nursing agency to come in and pack the wound etc...  I am not happy about this at all!  It is going to take weeks to heal this up.  I'm just hoping the whole incision doesn't open up.  It is not comfortable.  I feel odd sensations in my chest when I move and when I drink hot or cold liquids I feel that under the mastectomy site too. 
This reminds me of some of the terrible bed sores I have seen over the years while working at the nursing home.  They take a long time to heal up.  I am debating whether to post a picture of it or not.  It is pretty gross so maybe not!  Oh I was also chastised by the nurse for using a Q-tip!  I guess next time I will just stick my finger in there and drill it around!


  1. Praying that God will put his healing touch upon you. Helen

  2. I'm so sorry. Sending all my best possible vibes. ~Mary