Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still waiting

My appointment with the oncologist was rescheduled to next week because we are waiting for one test to come back.  They said it would be easier if all the tests were back so he can come up with a plan for treatment.  My incision seems to be getting a little better.  I went to the surgeon and she told me to pack it with gauze soaked in saline water and then cover it.  I put the ointment on it too.  It is taking a long time, but she said in two weeks it should be almost healed up.  I really hope so!  
I got a free head covering today from Gaila.  It is very pretty.  I just have to figure out how to put it on so it doesn't look dumb.  
  It has long ties in the back that come around and tie in the front.  I might wear it so it ties in the back, just my preference.  I don't want a huge bow on my forehead!  It is a great organization however and so nice to send me a free hat!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Incision getting worse

I can't even justify calling this thing an incision anymore.  Gaping wound is more like it.  I was cleaning it out this morning and trying to move away some of the dead tissue as instructed by my Dr.  The only tool I had besides my finger was a Q-tip so I used that.  I managed to work a hole through it and was rewarding with a geyser of gushing yellow fluid.  That kind of freaked me out but really didn't surprise me because I had a feeling that this sucker was tunneling.  It is really deep and keeps draining fluid.  Probably all the fluid backed up from having the tubes out and not having drainage.  I had been calling the surgeons office since Wed and today insisted on talking to someone.  Of course the Dr was in surgery today and I won't be seen until Monday!  I will probably need a nursing agency to come in and pack the wound etc...  I am not happy about this at all!  It is going to take weeks to heal this up.  I'm just hoping the whole incision doesn't open up.  It is not comfortable.  I feel odd sensations in my chest when I move and when I drink hot or cold liquids I feel that under the mastectomy site too. 
This reminds me of some of the terrible bed sores I have seen over the years while working at the nursing home.  They take a long time to heal up.  I am debating whether to post a picture of it or not.  It is pretty gross so maybe not!  Oh I was also chastised by the nurse for using a Q-tip!  I guess next time I will just stick my finger in there and drill it around!

Gross alert!

Gross alert!  Gross Alert!  I was cleaning my incision and was removing a piece of dead tissue and a hole appeared and all this yellow liquid mixed with blood started pouring out, sopping my pants and a bunch of gauze.  I wonder if the Dr. wants to talk to me now?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am not dealing with this incision very well mentally.  I can change the dressings ok, but having to put the ointment on it is really freaking me out.  I can't really tell if the incision is healing because of the dead tissue built up on top of it.  The ointment I am putting on is supposed to "eat" the dead tissue away.  It is a pretty slow eater apparently.  I can't stand to deal with it.  I should of had them sign me up for the visiting nurse service.  I may end up having to go the hospital to have them clean all the dead stuff off.  I am worried that the wound is tunneling underneath the dead stuff.  I have seen some pretty nasty sores and wounds working at the nursing home but it seems different and freakier when it is on me! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not really "cancer" related

I went to see my PCP today about my chronic back pain.  She listened to my symptoms and history and looked at my back and she said I may have scoliosis!  She is sending me out for an X-ray just to see if there is a bone related problem.  I will be getting the bone scan on Thursday and well as the CT scan to check for the spread of cancer elsewhere in the body.  My mother and my brother both have back problems so this comes as no surprise to me.  My mother has osteoporosis and degenerating bones in her back and she is only 66.  My brother has chronic back problems too, but his might be related to something entirely different as he is so tall and thin.  I hope it is not scoliosis, but I am sure that this is something that is going to plague me for the rest of my life as it has been getting increasingly worse over time.  Good news however, hubby got me a nice recliner for the bedroom for $20 on Craigslist!  It looks brand new!