Friday, March 4, 2011

Gross alert!

Gross alert!  Gross Alert!  I was cleaning my incision and was removing a piece of dead tissue and a hole appeared and all this yellow liquid mixed with blood started pouring out, sopping my pants and a bunch of gauze.  I wonder if the Dr. wants to talk to me now?


  1. So sorry Linda. This is what happened to my daughter and the back of her neck. Remember me saying the home health nurse came to school twice a day and packed it with gauze with iodine in it? The hole was big enough to put a hen egg inside. I hope yours is not that large. Came to her home on the weekends. I am thinking the surgeon is going to have them coming to your home doing that. The quicker the better.

  2. All that liquid is your body trying to heal itself..I had that happen when I had breast surgery when I was 18. Then, they left a drain in for almost two weeks but I still had problems with the ends of where I was stitched. I hope you called the doctor and they gave you some advice on what to do. Hoping you heal well dear you are in my thoughts and prayers...Sandi