Monday, April 25, 2011

Almost time for Round #2

I just plain forgot to post after Chemo #1.  My surgery went easily for my port placement.  Not much pain after, just a little sore.  I got my first chemo treatment on April 13th.  They got the needle right in on the port and started me on fluids and steroids.  Then came the A push.  Andriamycin.  It is red and is a ten minute hand push by the nurse into the IV.  You pee red for a day after!  Then she put me on the cyclophosphamide drip.  After that I was done.  There was one point where she flushed the line and I got a hit of Epiruben I think and it felt like ants were crawling all over me and biting.  Even "down there".  I was squirming!  Oh and I got something for nausea.  Didn't work, by dinner time I was hunched on the toilet using the puke bucket.  I was sick for 4 days after.  I have had assorted symptoms.  Nausea, bone pain, general aches and pains, brain fuzz, I started to feel great by day 9 and had all kinds of energy.  Wondering if it was a mania.  I crashed yesterday, got so angry and started crying.  Well, another dose on Wed and I think my hair will start going soon. 
Easter was nice at church and I'm glad for that.  Nice breakfast and nice group of people.  Really starting to feel like I belong.


  1. Hang in there Linda. God is watching over you.
    Love you,

  2. I'm sorry you cried Linda! But sometimes you just have to cry, and you will feel better afterwards, its a built in mechanism to make you feel better (i think this is scientifically proven, endorphins and whatnot going on) So when you feel like crying, just do it, so you can feel better afterwards.