Saturday, May 7, 2011

Been a little lax in journaling here!

I guess I have been slacking off with the updates on my treatment.  I had my second chemo on 4/29.  I didn't get as sick this time because I was given Emend by my Dr. to take right before and the following two days.  The only problem I had was feeling like I had eaten a huge turkey dinner when I only had a sandwich.  At least I could eat.  Then came the pain after the Nuelasta shot.  Horrible back pain.  For days.  Like being squeezed in an vise grip for hours on end.  Even my guts felt squished.  My hair started falling out the day after Easter.  I cut it off and then got a crew cut.  A day later I just buzzed if right off.  I still have some stubble left but I'm learning to deal with bald.  
I am enjoying the arrival of spring.  Some days are colder than others but I felt it safe enough to go ahead and plant the lettuce and broccoli.  I have to get some cabbage still.  I did get a six pack but left it over at the church for the garden there.  

More chemo on Wednesday.  I'm not looking forward to it.  I want it to be over!  I have six more treatments.  SIX.  Then radiation.  I got another cold this time around.  I'm sick of being sick..  First picture is me with my wig on that I probably won't wear!

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