Thursday, February 24, 2011


I got a fever last night and one of my drainage tubes started leaking from the insertion site.  I was worried and called the Dr.  She had me go in the morning and she removed the drains and put on a gauze dressing and dressed the incision also.  That has come apart a little and is also draining.  She said it looks ok but she wants me down Monday to check it again.  
I also went and saw the oncologist today, Dr. Keefe.  He was very nice and explained everything.  I am going for a CT and bone scan in one week.  That should give them an idea if the cancer has spread at all.  What those tests say will determine my course of treatment.  If I am going to start chemo it looks as if that will start in about a month.  Good news is that I can also take a shower now!  Yippee!  Now if I could just wake up and find some ambition....

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